Sunday, November 1, 2009

raggedy ann-halloween 2009

This year for Halloween we made a couple of stops! First we went to Grant's mom and dad's house. They had a whole bag full of treats waiting for her. Then we walked down the street to Nana's house (Grant's grandmother). Macie got a bag of candy there too! I'm a little surprised that she was into the candy this year. After Nana's we went to Forney where my Aunt Sherry lives. She always has a huge Halloween party. Her neighborhood always goes "All Out" for Halloween. Macie loved passing out the candy more that going from house to house trick-or-treating. She loved looking at all Sherry's decorations and playing with William and Josh. At the beginning of the night, we could not get her to wear the hat/wig! She was not going to have it!!! Then at Sherry's she saw that other children were dressed up and she decided to have her picture in it!

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